The Bushmills pike was sculpted and cast in resin and a small set was constructed.

Chrome Wasp

The chrome wasp was an early model created for an advertising campaign for buying and selling houses.


Sculpted in clay, this is a work in progress photograph, which was provided to the photographer, advertising agency and creatives.


The elephants were sculptured in clay to create a child-like image.

Ernie Elephant

Ernie was used in a marketing campaign for promote vaccination.

Frijj Cow

Sculpted and cast in resin, flocking was used for texture.

Frijj Cow Horns

This model was sculpted to look friendly and appeal to children, advertising that real milk was contained in the product.

Happy Comic Snake

This design was intended to look comic and not too real. The background was also made.

Horse Eye

This was model-made to promote a gambling company. Real horse hair was used in the construction.


Baby kangaroo and mother made in faux fur.

Lion Door Knocker

This brass-look knocker was made in cold cast brass. It was to promote Nescafé.


The ostrich was produced using real feathers.

Pampers Fish Mobile

Cast in resin and sprayed with cellulose and photographed in studio for the promotion of Pampers nappies.

Piggy Bank

The pink pig was crafted to advertise savings.

Shot Duck

The roast duck was commissioned and photographed in studio with a model-made background.