Harp Pint

Resin frosting was made for the shoot.

Le Corbusier Bike

This motorbike was made for an exhibition at the Design Museum.


Chocolate cast in resin . We were asked to make the mountains look stylised.

Leonardo Da Vinci Flying Machine

Made in wood, about 35 foot wide.

Angel Delight Dog

Made in resin.

Angel Delight Snail

Made in resin.

Angel Delight Spider

Made in resin.

Angry World

Sculpted and painted, to highlight what man is doing to our world.


To show how it was possible to order through the phone.

Bird Cage

Made in perspex and sprayed to look like metal.

Boddingtons Pint

The Boddingtons models were mostly done in studio using a foam that set hard which lasted for several hours.


This little set was made in its entirety. The fuses were real and photographed in situ.


Made in brass this model was made to show how the euro would become a dominant currency in the world.

Brick Plane

Sculpted in the studio in polystyrene. This huge model was transported to a real construction site where it was photographed.

BT Sweet

Sweets and wrapper made for a British Telecom advert.

Cigar Fish

Made in resin with a pearlescent finish to the hands and fins.


Made in resident with a wooden handle and brass etched plate.

Cows Udder Teat

The cows udder was cast in translucent resin the bottle and cap were also made.

Devil Toothbrush

Made in resin about a foot high.

Double Ended Key

This resin model was made to look like metal. A distressed background was also made.

Five Live Knuckledusters

Made in brass with inset rhinestones.

Ear Record

This model was about 3 feet high and made in resin.


This small model was made In resin.

Gold Bar

Made in resin and vacuum metallised to achieve the shiny gold look.

Gold Link Chain

Made in resin with plated gold link.

Heineken Tortoise

Small helmets and tortoise heads were made. The tiny can was also made.

Ice People

Sculpted about 3 feet high. The people were cast in resin to look like ice.

Keyboard Building

Made with translucent keys for backlighting.

Koala Telephone

Large phone, koala nose and ears were made.

La Redoute

Animal legs made for fashion company shoot.

Lady Fish

Fish cast in resin with tiny resin wine glass.

Large Shoe

A large model was made to show how comfortable this trainer was.

Lead Pencil

Made to promote Viagra.

Large Leaf

Sculpted in clay, this leaf was then vacuum formed and sprayed. The lettering was filed out by hand. 

Mad Mouse

Made in resin to illustrate how frightening computers can be to some people.


A large magnet was made all screws, nuts and bolts were glued on.

Mastercard Camera

On this model it was just a matter of printing up the image inside the camera and fitting. The small Mastercard tag was also made.

Midland Bank Gold Bar

The gold bar was made in resin and the stamp was turned in aluminium.

Money Globe

Money was printed and coins stuck on.


This is a work in progress shot in our studio of the monkey, to show the client how the money would be held.

Moulds and Casting

The moulds and casting were all made and photographed in water.

Nokia Case

The case was made to show of the new Nokia phone.

Oil Can

Made in false perspective for ease of lighting and depth of field problems. This model was made to ask the question “Where will tomorrow's energy come from?”

Old Remote Control

Can't remember why this was built.

Outline Margarine

This large 'O' was made lightweight in resin, it had to float. There was a support for the girl. Shot in the Caribbean.

Paint Brushes

Real paint brushes dipped in resin to look like paint.


Made in false perspective.

Pencil Sharpener

Made in resin and metal this model was about 300mm across the pencil and shaving were also made in wood.

Perrier Penguins

Sculpted and cast in tinted resin.

Petits Filous

Spoon and swirl made to art director's drawing.

Phone Knot

Made in resin and sprayed.

Pools Man

The table and other bits were made, the man was a model too.

Radio Wave

The wave was sculpted in clay and then vacuum formed. Shaving foam and clear hair gel applied in studio.

Rollerblade Boot

The chrome exhaust pipes were made and fitted to an existing boot.

Rolls Royce

Large car made in wood and metal.

Royal Ordnance

Gun with embossed lettering made.

Sand Car

The car was made small and then cast in sand and resin.

Scorpion Mouse

Cast in resin.

Ski Mouse

Made in false perspective to help depth of field.

Small Man

The small clothes and shoes along with the shape of the man were made his head and hand were stripped in after.


A work in progress shot of a stone we made.

Stretched file

This is an old model but a nice alternative to CGI.

Telegraph Boat

Made in newspaper that we had printed. The water was made in resin.

Telly Snake

Snake sculpted and then cast in resin. The sand set was also made.


Made in real metal about 200mm high.

VW Oil

A generic can was made for this model as no known make could be used.