Channel 4 Soft Toys

We were commissioned by the creative department at Channel 4 to create a set of beaver balls and catapults as an in-house promotional device for their upcoming series Beaver Falls. 400 were produced in total.

Channel 4 TV Award, Lee Evans

Originally a prototype, but actually ended up being presented to Lee Evans as the finished trophy.

E4 Stings Award

Trophy made to be presented to the best producer and film maker for television.

Jamie Oliver Promotional Egg Timers

Tim Weare & Partners were commissioned to sculpt and then make a small run of 200 working egg timers in the likeness of Jamie Oliver for the promotion of his 30 Minute Meals television series.


Man sculpture produced to represent what happens when you eat too much fast food.

Panda Vinnie

Tim Weare & Partners were asked by the art buyer to build a model of the highly successful character Vinnie. This was the sample commissioned.

Sad Londoner

The sculpture represents the so-called average London man.

Tennent's Boot

Made from real beer cans as an award for Tennent's sponsored roller skating championship. (We imagine the insurance costs were huge!)

Thinkbox Advertising Awards

These sculptures made using cold cast bronze and a resin base. They were hand finished.

Wooden Look Catapult

Sculpted in clay and cast in resin. A small production of over 400 of these were made to promote Channel 4 Beaver Falls programme.


Finished beavers photographed in our workshop ready for distribution to Channel 4.

Panda Vinnies'

A small run of approximately 300 Vinnies' were commissioned to be distributed as prizes for promotional advertising purposes.

Red Bull, Quick Change Fruit Stall/Flying Machine

Tim Weare & Partners were asked by an advertising agency, after signing a confidentiality agreement, to construct a fruit stall that could secretly and very quickly be changed into a flying machine that was to be used in the Red Bull Flugtag.