Zantac Lettering

Mirrored lettering for a drugs company.

Bling stethoscope

Stethoscope constructed and encrusted with diamonds.

E45 Rockets

Full size rockets made together with small planets.

Plastic Medical Flask

Made to advertise the small plastic particles that are used to produce plastic components in industry.

Plastic Noses

Noses sculpted and cast in resin, feet made from perspex and key from sprayed perspex.


Colon sculpted and cast in clear resin.


Large pills made 300mm high.

Speaker Case

The speaker model was put in a display case and placed in the head office foyer.


Large resin made of vein with imaginary thrombosis.

Speaker Model

This model was about 500mm across the client liked it so much we were later asked to mount it in a show case and install it in their head office.


Supermouse was commissioned to advertise a pharmaceutical company. They removed their name from the photo they sent to us.


The large thermometer was made in aluminium and perspex.


The stomach was made in latex.