Lion Door Knocker

This brass-look knocker was made in cold cast brass. It was to promote Nescafé.

Audi VW, Purse

Audi VW purse was crafted in aluminium and highly polished. The materials were carefully chosen to enhance the modelmaking. This item was produced to symbolise the joining of Audi and VW as companies.

Nissan, Chrome Hand

This model was carved in solid brass and chrome plated.

Spark Plugs

Machined in high quality aluminium and polished, graphics and paint finishes applied. The background was a very small set approximately 1 metre wide.

Tennent's Boot

Made from real beer cans as an award for Tennent's sponsored roller skating championship. (We imagine the insurance costs were huge!)

Mastercard Necklace

The hardest part was getting it all to stay in place, each letter had to be glued individually, the leather would mark if a mistake was made (very time consuming). The leather bust was made as well.

Metal Coin

Cast metal coin to show cold cast metal finish.


Made in metal and polished to look magical or fairytale like.


Made in resin, sprayed in silver paint.

Chrome Wasp

Sculpted and cast in resin and vacuum plated.

Chrome Spider

Sculpted and cast in resin and vacuum plated.

Pet Plan

Tag engraved in Aluminium about 150 mm diameter.

Barclays Slinky

A set of 120mm coins were made and set on a perspex rod as requested, a small set was also made.

Microsoft Face

The circuit was designed by us to follow the contours of the girls face, it was then etched in brass and art-worked.

Petrol Pump Zippo Lighter

The advert was something about fuel economy hence the large lighter with fuel pump.

Kentucky Grinder

Made in metal with specially printed cup.

£1 Coin

This coin was about 250 mm diameter the client wanted a “soft satin sort of finish”.


Salvaged cogs were fitted together and polished and art-worked..

Sardine Tin

Attention to detail means it looks real.

Phone Grenade

Made to order but we liked it so much we put our name in it for the website.

Love Spoons

More difficult than it looks to get right.

Relaxed Oscar

Was sculpted and cast in resin and vacuum plated in gold to advertise home heating by gas.

Sardine Tin 2

Another feel wanted for this one. In the end it is what the client wants that matters.

Relaxed Saxophone

This was made in metal and vacuum plated seat was custom made for the shot.


Large 1.2 metre long zip, made for Eurotunnel advert. Made in resin with sprayed finish.