Sculpted and cast in resin.

Maltesers, Strings

The hard part of this model was to really make it feel like it was straining on the strings which hopefully, we did do.

Redd's Beer Bottles

Redd's wanted to advertise their beer but had not had the bottles made yet, so we were commissioned to make them for the shoot. They were cast in clear resin and filled with real beer.

Resin Beer bottles

These bottles were made to represent other brands as real ones could not be used in this ad.

Whisky pour

Resin cast whisky pour with model-made ice.

Gordon's, Kiss

Made by running and pumping real water over clear sculpted formers.

Snow White & Seven Dwarfs

Sculpted from scratch and cast in clear resin for Disney's on ice show.


Supermouse was commissioned to advertise a pharmaceutical company. They removed their name from the photo they sent to us.

Speaker Model

This model was about 500mm across the client liked it so much we were later asked to mount it in a show case and install it in their head office.

Camera Bow

Currys wanted several of their products photographed using the electrical leads as bow's. This was not possible in reality and so new leads were built, then sprayed to match the original.

Plastic Detergent Dispensers

All of the dispensers had to be made for this Vanish shoot as the advertising agency were keen that none of the items could look like their competitors products.

Pregnant Bottle

“Good morning, I was wondering whether you could make me a pregnant bottle for a Comfort shoot?”
“ Certainly, no problem, when would you like it?”
Just another day at Tim Weare & Partners.

Elvis toothbrush

Toothbrush and toothpaste were made from scratch for Mastercard and encrusted with rhinestones for still life photographic shoot.

Plastic Particles

Several small medical jar shaped models were made to advertise this companies product which was plastic particles.


This 90cm toothbrush was made for an advert for Thalys (Eurotunnel) nicely shot by a photographer in Brussels.


Small section of car tyre made in resin to show company logo.

Record Ear

Tim Weare & Partners were asked to produce this metre high record to advertise a music voucher promotion.