The Bushmills pike was sculpted and cast in resin and a small set was constructed.


Sculpted in clay, this is a work in progress photograph, which was provided to the photographer, advertising agency and creatives.


The elephants were sculptured in clay to create a child-like image.

Pampers Fish Mobile

Cast in resin and sprayed with cellulose and photographed in studio for the promotion of Pampers nappies.

Piggy Bank

The pink pig was crafted to advertise savings.

Jamie Oliver Promotional Egg Timers

Tim Weare & Partners were commissioned to sculpt and then make a small run of 200 working egg timers in the likeness of Jamie Oliver for the promotion of his 30 Minute Meals television series.

Panda Vinnie

Tim Weare & Partners were asked by the art buyer to build a model of the highly successful character Vinnie. This was the sample commissioned.

Sad Londoner

The sculpture represents the so-called average London man.

Carling, Subbuteo

Sculpted with a full size hand to hold can, this model was hand painted and lacquered.

Strong Cheese

Cheese sculpted and cast in resin. Wooden cheese board made in wood.

Gordon's, Kiss

Made by running and pumping real water over clear sculpted formers.

Perrier, Angel

Sculpted and then cast in clear resin.

Snow White & Seven Dwarfs

Sculpted from scratch and cast in clear resin for Disney's on ice show.


Made in resin, sprayed in silver paint.

Chrome Wasp

Sculpted and cast in resin and vacuum plated.

Baal Hamon

Finished Ball Hamon advert kindly supplied by the photographer (photographers' names will be gladly supplied on request).


A sculpture made for the agency Red Brick Road. Used for display in their foyer.

Jonathan Ross Sculpt

Sculpture work in progress of tiny Jonathan Ross commissioned be Channel 4.

Baal Hamon WIP

We were asked to produce a stone sculpture of Baal Hamon. This was a work in progress sent to the client for comments, behind is a blown up version of the reference photograph we were given to use..

Mickey Gas Mask

We made this gas mask for an art film.

Chrome Spider

Sculpted and cast in resin and vacuum plated.

Leonardo Da Vinci Pasta

We were asked to fake a Leonardo Da Vinci drawing, as if he had drawn a pasta shape.

Plasticine Car

Making it look like a child has done it.

Sand Coat of Arms

Sculpted and cast in resin, then coated in sand.

Bugs Shoots Daffy

Finished piece commissioned by the artist.


Work in progress shot of a large bronze eagle made for an exhibition.

On Display

Bugs and Daffy on display.

Shell Ear

Sculpted and cost in resin with art-working, the sand background was also model-made.

The Thinker

Lady Thinker used to ask the question what do you get the man who has everything? Apparently it was chocolates.

Tom and Jerry

Made for an artist.

Bugs Bunny

Work in progress shot of 1.5 metre tall Bugs for art piece.