The Bushmills pike was sculpted and cast in resin and a small set was constructed.

Land Rover, Evoque Convertible

This set of the Land Rover was made 3.5 metres wide and the car stripped in on post production. Everything except the car was model made, including the palm tree and background.

Land Rover, Evoque Core

This set of the Land Rover was made 4 metres wide and the car and cat were photographed separately.

Land Rover, Evoque SUV

This set of the Land Rover was made 3.5 metres wide and the car image stripped in on post production.

Land Rover, Mud

The mud was applied in studio under direction from the art director, photographer and client. The background was a small set made and photographed separately at Park Royal Studios.

Land Rover, Small Wall Set

The Land Rover in the image was the first one ever to come off the production line. It was photographed separately and retouched into a small background set we had made earlier (approximately 2 metres wide).

Land Rover, Snow

Produced using fake snow during a mid-summer shoot in London.

Land Rover, Evoque

This set of the Land Rover was made 3.5 metres wide and the car image stripped in on post production. Everything except the car and the bicycle were model-made.

Small Concrete Set

The set was made in our studio in East Sussex. The floor was designed to be flooded. The entire set was 3 metres wide and 2.5 metres deep.

Bertolli Set

A small set built complete with tiles and door for advertising olive oil.

Golden Virginia

Print and printing block made, the table top was constructed, aged and distressed.

Spiky Chair

Chair was re-covered in printed material spikes were made from resin and the set was built.


This crusty old cannon was made lightweight in resin along with the ship wreck. Both were later flown out to Mauritius and sunk for this Mauritius tourist board shot. (Unfortunately we did not get to go with it on location).

Fairy Liquid Set

We tend to stick to small sets, not trying to compete with the big set-builders.
The policeman was made by us in resin and painted.

Gnome Hedge

Hedge and Gnome were made.

Heart Boiler

Complete set constructed including brick wall.

Henara Tornado

The tornado was made in hair and the landscape was a small set 12ft across at the back.

Henara Waterfall

This advert was made as a small set with real hair for the waterfall.

Kangaroos Planet

Small set about 3 meters across.

Kit Kat

Background wall and Kit Kat bars were made and the material was printed and set onto a wavy sculpted former to assist photography.

Kango Landscape

The rock in the foreground is about 700 mm high and the landscape about 1.5 meters across.


Mosaic hand made with cast pieces to advertise a new type of roof tile.

Knight Set

Room sized set made using vacuum formed wall and flagstones with mdf washing machines. The armour was hired..

Rabbit Building

All buildings made in perspex and Eiffel tower made in acid etched brass. 

Morris Set

Two cars were welded together and sprayed the set was built real size.


This set was shot in Holborn Studios.

Small Window

The pen was real so the window and bricks are tiny.

Square Bike

The wall was constructed on mdf with insulation foam and set up in studio. We made the bike in our studio, some bike parts were used.