The Bushmills pike was sculpted and cast in resin and a small set was constructed.

Channel 4 Soft Toys

We were commissioned by the creative department at Channel 4 to create a set of beaver balls and catapults as an in-house promotional device for their upcoming series Beaver Falls. 400 were produced in total.

Wooden Look Catapult

Sculpted in clay and cast in resin. A small production of over 400 of these were made to promote Channel 4 Beaver Falls programme.


Barrel ends and lettering engraved and blackened for shoot in the factory in Ireland.

Chess Set

Made in resin and art-worked to look like wood, the largest piece was about one metre long.

Bertolli Set

A small set built complete with tiles and door for advertising olive oil.

Knife and Fork

Carved in wood.

Burnt Wood

Made for a McDonald's shoot to perfectly fit the size of a burger.

Old Decking

Made for McDonalds, Germany.

Wooden Plinths

Distressed wood for Burger shoot.

Fosters Signpost

A large mockup was made of this in polystyrene before eventually making it in lightweight wood. It was then flown to Australia and photographed in situ.

Golden Virginia

Print and printing block made, the table top was constructed, aged and distressed.


A real zen piece of model-making to make all the bits fit was tiring to say the least.

Bacardi Old Wooden Post

Sculpted and artworked, this had to be lightweight as it was flown out to the Caribbean for the shoot.

Tree stump

Sculpted in clay and cast in concrete.